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60 mm 20 mm AS57

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Printing tips to ensure printing of this cornice is to scale

  1. In print properties, ensure print quality is not set to DRAFT.
  2. In print settings, ensure page scaling is set to NONE.

How to find a match from our range for your existing cornice

  1. Print off the cornice that you think best matches the cornice you have.
  2. If you have a cornice sample piece, stand that on end on top of the printed profile to see if they match.
  3. if the cornice is still in place on the ceiling, put a small saw-cut from ceiling to wall, then slot a piece of cardboard into the saw-cut and trace the shape with a pen. Cut out and compare the traced shape with the printout from the website.

If you have a match, simply Contact Us
Please note. Any cornice can be re-produced to match if you cannot find an exact match from our existing range.

  • No plaster products are returnable or refundable
  • Plaster products should be chosen with consideration given to room size and ceiling height.
  • Please check with our office when making your selection as some plaster products take up to 10 working days to manufacture. Supply your name and phone number so we can contact you when your order is ready.
  • All measurements are approximate and subject to change without notice.


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    S Shape with Steps

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  • Available in 3 .6 LM

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