What are Cornice Profiles?

Cornice profiles are the detailed drawing of a cross section (slice) of a cornice that is to scale. Cornice Profiles are useful for architects, builders and DIY homeowners that wish to see how a particular cornices will appear when placed in their building or room. As the cornice profiles are to scale, they can be printed and cut out. Simply place the cut out cornice profile in the corner between ceiling and wall to see how well the cornice will fit in with your home style.

You can also use the cornice profiles to help with matching your existing cornices.

All of the cornices in our product range have cornice profiles available right here on our website. Feel free to browse the cornices section and click on the link for a particular cornice to view its profile.

Examples of cornice profiles are shown below.

Cornice Profiles - A6 Cornice Profiles - A19 Cornice Profiles - A36

Please feel free to call us to discuss anything regarding the uses and benefits of using these printable cornice profiles.

Did you know?

Allplasta Specialise in Shadowline Cornices to create clean lines

More and more Architects and homeowners are choosing shadowline cormices for striking interior designs. They have a simple and modern aesthetic that is extrememly popular with today's design requirements. Contact Us for more details.

Did you know?

Allplasta Specialise in Curved Cornices to suit Curved Walls

Decorative Plaster Ornamental CornicePlaster Cornices and Mouldings

Sometimes cornices have to be custom made to suit curved walls or decorative ceilings. Any profile from our extensive range can be selected. Standard curved mouldings are also available. Contact Us for more details.