Cornice Styles & Cornice Periods Explained

Colonial Cornice Colonial Cornice Style
Georgian Cornice Georgian Cornice Style
Victorian Cornice Victorian Cornice Style
Federation Cornice Federation Cornice Style
Art Deco Cornice Art Deco Cornice Style
Modern Cornice Modern Cornice Style

Colonial - consisted of simple fine lines and soft curves with wave patterns and plain sections. There were very few decorative elements.

Georgian - was characteristically symmetrical and formal. It consisted of patterns such as dental blocks, egg and dart, acanthus leaf and corbelling. It was bold and striking, envoking a feeling of granduer.

Victorian - is typically elaborate and richly detailed. Featured in terrace houses, patterns consisted of deep coved sections known as the paddington style, as well as leaf patterns with minimal flowers. It displayed balance, proportion and elegance.

Federation - simpler, smaller versions of the Victorian styles, featuring uniquely Australian designs incorporating flora and forna patterns like waratahs, gumnuts,flannel flowers, as well as chains and bows.

Art Deco - involved the use of bold stream lined shapes with clean geometric lines. Patterns with such shapes as triangles and diamonds replaced excessive decoration of previous styles.

Modern - Bold geometric shapes again but of a more simplistic plainer style. Sharp straight lines with little or no pattern at all.